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Toshiba SA4TM 300 DPI 4″ Flat Head Thermal Transfer

Toshiba SA4TM 300 DPI 4″ Flat Head Thermal Transfer

$1,415.15 ex GST

Versatile design to suit any environment or application

Enhanced connectivity with interfaces as standard

Easy parts replacement with ‘snap-in’ printhead and platen

With a footprint close to A4 in size, the front opening, top loading design ensures the B-SA4 is compact, whilst the choice of casing (plastic or metal) guarantees the printer is ergonomic for the office or robust enough for harsh operating environments. This provides the flexibility to configure the printer to suit most applications, from desktop to industrial. Low Total Cost of Ownership is assured with a combination of high print quality, ease of use and the B-SA4’s plug-and-play compatibility.



The B-SA4 really is the perfect ‘Total Solution’ for any printing application, with high-quality output, industrial performance, versatile design, advanced functionality including RFID options and the backing of a globally recognised quality brand. Its ergonomic design makes the B-SA4 the printer of choice for any quiet office situation, whilst the superior quality output and exceptional performance ensure that it fits perfectly with robust industrial environments.
Fitted with a 200 dpi printhead as standard and with the flexibility to easily upgrade to 300 dpi, these machines offer exceptional print quality, and are unique in the market.
The B-SA4 comes with an entire Central Network Management Suite, that allows you to manage all the SNMP printers in your network.
RFID kit for B-SA4T is not available in Australia market.
Freedom to Print with new Toshiba TEC Z-MODE
Toshiba TEC just launched Z-mode which frees ZPL II® users to choose robust, safe B-SA4TM lable printers in all their operating environments. Z-mode hands ZPL II® users all the advantages of Toshiba at no extra cost. With Toshiba Auto ID printers running Z-mode, customers gain three essential capabilities: maximum security when accessing valuable legacy host data, an array of features for enhancing user productivity, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with new and evolving technologies.



Efficient high speed printing leads to increased productivity making this device a valuable asset for your work environment.


Due to fast and easy handling, time-savings are quickly achieved whilst minimal training is required.


Considerable savings are achieved through a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to reduced servicing and maintenance cost with user toolless replacement of the print head and platen.


Designed to suit a wide variety of environments or applications.


Crisp and clear results with perfect readability of labels and barcodes are acheived due to flexible high quality print technology.


Programming Language

Toshiba TPCL, ZPL


Cutter, peel-off module, serial IF board, WLAN board, real time clock


15.01 kg

Standard Connectivity

USB, Parallel, Ethernet

Maximum Speed

6 ips (150 mm/sec)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

238.8 x 332.7 x 401.3 mm

Max. Print Length

997 mm

Ribbon Length

450 m

Direct and Thermal Transfer Models

B-SA4TM-GS (203 dpi, 4"/104 mm print width; metal cover). B-SA4TM-TS (300 dpi; 4"/105.7 mm print width; metal cover)



Further Information

- B-SA4TM Brochure

- Toshiba Barcode Printer Range

- BarTender Brochure


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